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Barefoot in entertainment programs

Within few years In Poland was few barefoot happenings:

-All Poland walking barefoot (Cała Polska Chodzi Boso)

-Neandertal Walk (Marsz Neandertala) -

-MRS Barefoot mMen(Pan bosa stopa).

All Poland walking barefoot (Cała Polska Chodzi Boso)

On website we could readNa stronie akcji można było przeczytać:

Barefoot walking is relax and benefits not only for feet.Barefoot walking on grass is preasure and remove bonder between human and nature.

Happening was in few cities. Unfortunately is was only in(2011 year. At this monent website not exists

-Neandertal Walk (Marsz Neandertala)

Idea on Neandertal Walkwas easy - walking barefoot 7,5 km in forest.Ogranizer and prodecer was Radosław Tyślewicz..