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Barefoot travel seaside -trails and maps -Międzyzdroje.

Barefoor walking is the most popular seaside. In this arcicle are show bareffot trail in Miedzyzdroje. These maps constain few area-pavevent,forest and "secrest" trail


Trail to beach

You can take off your shoes, next to railway station on Kolejowa Street To intersection with Niepodległości street we has new pavement. After crossing to second side we has two trails:

1)bypromenade and park (Światowida and Krasickiego street) and next Bohaterów Warszawy street

On this trail we "meet" paving (on Światowida street) and park texture On Bohaterów Warszawy str. pavement is mixed with paving.

2)later pavement by Gryfa Pomorskiego.street oraz Rybacka street . These are two ctrail are marked on this map.bosa -mapa-Międzyzdroje1.

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Next to  Star Avenue is beatiful lawn,playground.In the back is a "secret" hall ( in shadow-pavement is cold in sunny day) second beach gate.

Barefoot in forest - Międzyzdroje

To forest you must go by Kolejowa and Leśna street.Afrer get in on forest we will turn left. When we are on   Zwycięstwa str. we go to the city centre . bosa -mapa-Międzyzdroje.

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