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Rules in Trampoline Park - discrimination of barefoot people?

Trampoline Park are in few Polish cities.You can crazy on different types of trampolines and others devices.What's interenting,rules these Trampoline Parks are differnent if mean about shoes and be barefoot

Every Park has similar equipmen. Why rules are different?

Below are answer -marked by colours for easier reading


First Park JC) in rules guest must be barefoot ::

17.Everybody using with trampoline [...] must jump on barefoot or in special socks with silicone area anti-slip, [...]

Second ParkHJ) has rules-be barefoot is illegal:

21. On trampolines you can jump only in socks or sports shoes with soft area.  

Third ParkH646) say too, that barefoot gymnastics and in shoes isn't alloved

Every barefoot people using trampoline [...] must wearing special socks with silicone area anti-slip [...]

Others Trampoline Parks In Poland not aloweb be barefoot.

Reading rules others Parks I lost good humour:

8.Whle using with devices you must has,t-shits/blouse and trousers and socks with silicone area anti-slip.

Anwers Trampoline Parks:

    • Park "H646":
      ReceptionGood morning, socks anti-slip are required, for safety.Without socks we can .easy slip on trampoline and it could happens something bad This person could be turn out.. .

> PR:"Good morning, my [answer ]is the same. Socks anti-slip are required, and wearing is for safety on trampoline. Trampoline could be slippy, and special socks prevent it Additionally we has special basketwork trampoline with big eyes-barefoot jump could be dangerous. Correct shoes while jumping areacrobatic are ballet shoes - socks anti-slip, who we sell (5 PLN) from Polish factory from Łowicz (Zooksy), are the best substitute acrobatic ballet which we found.. Please believe me,that isn't, discrimination but only for safety,. Trampoline Park how thing a lot of people, isn't a lunapark, but sport object, in which could be accident, -we always reminder about it. Socks anti-slip are one with few method avoid this accident.

  • Park trampolin "s" Good morning we are jumping in socks because two causes safety and i hygiene. On barefoot you can slip - leds are sweat and socks absorb sweat and has anti-slip area. People touching trampolines not only feet , but all part body - face too, socks are request for hygiene. If somebody not wear socks won't get in to trampoline area . I hope that understand our point view for our clients it's clear
  • odpowiedź obiektu "HJ"
    If somebody training barefoot because it's more comfortable of couse itn't problem.This rules is only for hygiene Trampoline are cleaning every day- we not turn off batefoot jumping people.